Marcia Brooks

Marcia Brooks

Marcia Brooks and Vincent Huerta visiting El Malcriado’s office, Delano, ca. 1966. Photo by Emmon Clarke.

Marcia Brooks joined the march from Delano to Sacramento in the spring of 1966 and after that started working full-time for the NFWA. She worked at El Malcriado’s office, the union’s newspaper that was used as an informational and organizing tool for both farmworkers and boycott supporters, from early 1966 until 1969, with short periods working elsewhere as César’s secretary or at the boycott in Miami.

Chris “Fats” Sánchez and Marcia Brooks working at El Malcriado, Delano, ca. 1966. Photo by Emmon Clarke.

Brooks, Mary Murphy, Doug Adair, and Bill Esher shared the duties of writer, editor, layout artist, photographer, salesperson, mailroom organizer, delivery folk, office manager, and every other job that publishing a newspaper entails. For a short period in 1969 Brooks was the only person working join the paper and she put out three or four issues. She had also been taking photographs together with Chris “Fats” Sánchez under the name of Cris Sánchez, especially of the lettuce strike in Coachella.

The Farm Worker Press, the newspaper’s company, also sold books, recordings of the union songs by Teatro Campesino, and art work. Eventually others joined the small El Malcriado newsroom for short or long periods, and it later moved into larger quarters at Forty Acres. 

Marcia Brooks working at the El Malcriado office, Delano ca. 1966. Photo by Emmon Clarke.


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